Is it Possible to Dance
without Knowing any
Steps? Let's Find Out!

A Dance Outreach Project by Abrazos Club

A Unique Approach to Experiencing Dance for Beginners
by Learning to Walk in Blindfold

This interactive Dance Experience session is based on
the Argentine Tango -- no prior knowlege or partner is required.

With the help of blindfolds and musical games, you will discover
the three Fundamental concepts of Social Dancing:




Dancing is a collaboration of two bodies, it is not necessary for both partners to look at the same space.



Instead of focusing on how they look in the mirror, listen to the rhythm and melody of the music.



Forget about memorizing sequences -- let the dance be an expression of their feeling.

The Magic is in "The
Partner Connection"

Dancing without Sight Achieves Better
Concentration and Communication
between Partners

How We Hold The Session

This interactive session will show you how to move
as if "no one is looking".

Each session consists of 1-on-1 interactive games between an instructor and the participant. We will divide the class into teams of 5-8 to experience each part of the games.


You can wear your normal walking shoes, but avoid rubber sole sneakers and flip-flop!

Discover the Inner
Game of Dancing

Ready to Get Started?

Register online, or sign up at the door (only if there is vacancy)