How to Get
More Dancing
Into Your Life?
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A Dance Augmented Webapp by Telematique

Dancing is Fun and Good for our Health.
So why don't we do it more often?

Usually, the reason is down to lack of time, place, and available partner.

Random dance2

No Time?

Random dance1

No Place?

Random dance3

No Partner?

What if there is an "Augmented Reality" way to help you get dance with people around you? Wouldn't this be fantastic?

ADAGIO (Augmented Dance Group Interaction) is a social app connecting you to opportunities to see, learn and experience dance. By using Geolocation the app gives you augmented updates of what or who is nearby. It is an experiment to apply mobile technology to solve common dancer problems.

As a supported project of Got to Move Islandwide (13-29 Oct 2017), it will be available only until November, and limited to 1000 users. Your participation and feedbacks will help the dance community develop better apps or the future.


How to Get Started
Start ADAGIO Webapp

ADAGIO is a Web-App so no installation is required.
You can use any iPhone, iPad, Android phone or
tablet, and any modern desktop browser.

Want to Tell Us what Features You Like to
See in a Dance App? Want to Meet other
Dancers Face-to-Face?

Join us at the Application Demonstration and
User Meetup session at the National Library.
Register online, or sign up at the door
(but only if there is vacancy)